Automotive Maintenance

At Twin City Auto, we love saving you money, inconvenience and time! And there is no better way to do that, than to help you with your preventive maintenance on your vehicles. Period!

From all of our collective years of experience repairing cars, we have learned a few important lessons, that many people also have learned the hard way. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And there is no place better to learn that than at an auto repair shop. Here’s the main reason. Your car is a moving machine with 1000’s of moving parts that vibrate and move. Those actions cause friction and the job of most of your vehicle’s fluids is to help keep that friction to a minimum. Your car’s fluids are there to protect you from BIG REPAIR BILLS.

Everyone knows that an oil change keeps you away from having to replace your engine when it breaks down. But there are numerous other maintenance services that are recommended on your car. We emphasize maintenance to keep you from spending too much money.

Here are the benefits to proper preventive maintenance:

  • You schedule it, unlike unexpected breakdowns.
  • It costs less than the breakdown, usually a tiny fraction of the costs. For example and thorough transmission service is under $200 every couple of years, but a new transmission on some of the new cars is around $5,000 to $7000. No comparison there!
  • It helps your car retain its resale value much better.
  • You get to sell your car and get a new one, when you want to, rather than a breakdown that forces you to sell.
  • Your car lasts years longer when you give it the maintenance it requires.
  • It is much more reliable and dependable. No one wants a break down on a long trip.
  • It simply gives you greater peace of mind! It is nice to know your maintenance has been done and you’re avoiding most major repairs when you depend on your vehicle.

Air Conditioning

If your car or truck is experiencing an Air Conditioning problem such as poor cooling, then come to Twin City Auto. Our ASE Certified and Master technicians can repair the air conditioning system in your vehicle properly and quickly. We use modern equipment and our technicians are consistently trained to keep up with advancements in current air conditioning […]


We can assure you of proper alignment with our state of the art Hunter alignment equipment. Proper alignment will extend tire life as well as keeping fuel economy at its optimum. Due to the wide variety of front and rear suspension systems, the cost of alignments vary greatly depending on just front alignment or rear […]

Belt and Hose Replacement

Have you ever been stranded because of a belt or hose failure? If you haven’t, chances are you know someone who has. That’s why we recommend this as a maintenance procedure. Rubber deteriorates and becomes hard when exposed to the high under hood temperatures of today’s automobiles. A few dollars now will reduce the chance […]

Brake Flush

This procedure is important because brake fluid is hydoscopic(absorbs moisture) and moisture is a huge enemy of the brake system. This moisture rusts wheel cylinders and calipers causing them to stick or leak. This is also a safety issue because water boils at a much lower boiling point than brake fluid, what this means is […]

Coolant Flush

Antifreeze (coolant) also has additive packages to clean, lubricate the water pump, and keep seals soft. This procedure uses a chemical flushing agent to loosen debris from within the cooling system(including the heater core). The system is hooked up to a coolant recovery/recycle machine which filters the harmful contaminates from the antifreeze. The additive packages […]

Tune Up

When Twin City Auto performs a maintenance tune-up, we remove and replace the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor (if non DIS), Positive crankcase ventilation valve, and fuel filter. Our technicians also clean the throttle plates on port fuel injected engines, and check or adjust the timing (non DIS). The O2 sensor(s) are then pin-point […]

Fuel System Service

Your vehicle may have two differentials if it is four wheel drive, but the service is the same regardless. The fluid is removed from the unit by removing the unit cover or a drain plug if equipped. A drain plug may be added by us if there is a suitable location for one, this will […]

Lube Oil and Filter

We change the oil with up to 5 quarts of quality Quaker State oil, replace the filter with a Premium oil filter(NAPA gold or Baldwin) which sets us apart from other facilities. We lubricate the chassis and front suspension. Our technicians check fluid levels in the differential(s), transfer case, clutch reservoir, and radiator. Small amounts […]

Power Steering Flush

If you have ever had a steering box or rack and pinion replaced because it was leaking and asked yourself, “How could this have been prevented or prolonged?”, now you know. This also replenishes the additives in the power steering fluid which keeps seals soft and the system clean. The recommended service intervals are: 36,000 […]

Rotate and Balance

Our Hunter balancing equipment assures you of proper wheel balancing. The tires are rotated from the front to the rear (most vehicles). The tires are balanced on the wheel and are checked for the proper air pressure as well as inspected for abnormal wear. Improper air pressure can lead to poor fuel mileage as well […]

Transfer Case Service

This service only applies to four wheel drive applications. Our technician removes the fluid through a bearing cover or drain plug (if equipped). The fluid should be replenished for the same reasons as the differential. This is a small investment for a component that may cost as much as $3000. The recommended service intervals are: […]

Transmission Service

To perform this service, our technician will remove one of the transmission cooler lines from the transmission cooler(usually in the radiator), from that point he will attach our fluid recovery machine. The fluid is then extracted from the entire transmission, including the fluid in the converter. The new fluid is added as the old fluid […]

Differential Service

Your vehicle may have two differentials if it is four wheel drive, but the service is the same regardless. The fluid is removed from the unit by removing the unit cover or a drain plug if equipped. A drain plug may be added by us if there is a suitable location for one, this will […]