NAPA Auto Care Center

NAPA Auto Care Center in Scottsbluff, NE | Twin City Auto

As a NAPA Auto Care Center, we give you more benefits.  For example, did you know we have a 2 year, 24,000 mile Nationwide warranty on our repairs? That means the first two years of our outstanding 3 year, 36,000 mile Twin City warranty are covered nationwide at any of the 12,000+ NAPA AutoCare Center locations. Yes, that includes labor too!  This means if we replaced your water pump and you’re on the road, far away from our shop, that water pump and the labor to replace it is covered and you won’t be charged a dime for the replacement within the first two years.

NAPA Parts

Because we are affiliated with NAPA this way, we are able to get the highest quality OEM equivalent parts too.  Our status as a NAPA Auto Care Center gives us preferential and better care from our parts supplier too.  We obtain parts much quicker and higher quality that most other independent auto repair shops do.

A word about quality parts

When an auto repair shop like ours repairs and services a car, there are many decisions to be made.  One of the most important ones is about the quality of parts and fluids to be used.  We are very picky about our parts suppliers and the parts we use to service your cars.  We choose ones that will last longer AND perform better.  For example, we could cut a few corners and make more profit by choosing cheaper brakes.  But at what price?  Well, for one they don’t last as long, but more importantly, often they don’t stop your car as quickly.  The NAPA brakes we use for your car can stop up to 20 feet sooner than the cheaper brakes available today.  That could mean the difference between a catastrophe and a close call!