AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

Being a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility is a big thing — FOR YOU! Here’s why.

AAA Approved Auto Repair in Scottsbluff, NE | Twin City Auto

When you’re considering using a new shop, you have many questions to consider:

  1. How well do they treat their customers?
  2. Are they well established and reputable?
  3. Do the perform the work they charge for and nothing more?
  4. Do they tell me exactly what my charges are without surprises?
  5. Do they do the work in the time promised?
  6. How qualified is the shop?
  7. Do they have any State complaints against them?
  8. Are they properly licensed and equipped?

Well, guess what? The AAA gets the answers to these questions and MANY MORE, before they approve us to be an approved shop. They truly want to ensure they are referring their members to a high quality shop because that is very important to them.

AAA Thoroughly Investigates Our Shop

You benefit from the AAA’s professional and thorough investigation of our shop. This is because you could never go into the depths of our business to the level that the Automobile Club does. They check everything, including how well we treat our customers. Each year, they collect online surveys and reviews from actual customers, so they can tell how we are doing. They ask a series of questions that tell them whether we’re taking care of our customers properly. For the last several years, we’ve consistently received 97+% customer satisfaction ratings, according to their independent surveys! That’s an outstanding number for any service business, but phenomenal for an auto repair business. That’s how committed we are to giving you good service.

Other Benefits of Being AAA Approved Auto Repair

The AAA also backs you up if you ever have a claim against our shop. They will act on your behalf to help resolve any issue you have with us.