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Auto Repair Shop Owner in Scottsbluff, NE | Twin City Auto
Mike Valentine, Owner Twin City Auto

First, I want to say thank you for considering using our company. My staff and I have worked very hard to build a great auto repair company that you can trust to be your single source for your automotive needs. The main points I want to point out to you that make us different are:

  1. We get the job done right — the first time.
  2. We make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you.
  3. We emphasize preventive maintenance to give you greater peace of mind with your car.
  4. We are a more friendly, more helpful and more professional group of people that care about your car AND you.

Please look through the rest of this page to get a better understanding about how we have made our auto repair shop better for you. Then, give us a try. I promise you’ll be glad you found us!

Sincerely, Mike Valentine
Owner of Twin City Auto

Auto repair and maintenance done right – the first time!

We believe that the single most important aspect of an auto repair shop is the we do the job right the very first time. So, we’ve committed to this goal by hiring the very finest group of automotive professionals that we can find. We are the only auto repair shop for many miles around that has been awarded the ASE’s (The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) “ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.” This means we are staffed with an extremely high number of ASE Certified professionals, including our service advisors and our mechanics. We even have 4 ASE Master Technicians on staff (the highest ranking possible).

But we don’t just stop with the best professionals, we continue by equipping them with the best tools and resources. For example, we have many of the same level tools that are used at the dealerships to scan and program your vehicles. We have computer resources that allow us to diagnose the most challenging repair and the newest vehicles. We simply want to make sure we get it right so you can feel peace of mind and know your car is dependable.

ASE Logo 3 Years Warranty in Scottsbluff, NE |Twin City Auto

3 year, 36,000 Mile Warranty!

For ten years, we’ve had the longest warranty in the business for miles and miles around us, a 2-year, 24,000 mile warranty. Now, we are going even further with our brand new 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. It covers all parts and labor relating to the service we provide you. How have we been able to provide a warranty that is usually three times as long as the dealerships and other shops? Because we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure we do the job right the first time — which is more important to you. No one likes to bring back their car to the shop and all the hassles that go with that. This is why we have made heavy investments into the right equipment, the right people and why we choose higher quality parts for your service. Lower quality parts mean your repair may not be as reliable and may not provide the right benefits to you. We don’t sacrifice on the parts we use and this is a main reason we’re able to give you such a long warranty.

We make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for YOU!

We know that interrupting your life to bring your car into the shop for maintenance and repairs is a pain for you. Since we both know its good for you, we try to make it easier on you in a few ways.

Convenient Shop Hours

First, we have convenient shop hours. We start the day at 7:30 to allow you to bring your car in before work and school.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

We also offer a shuttle service that will take you to work or back home right away. No reason to convenience another family member or friend, just rely on us.

Night Drop Off Service

We also have a night drop box service so you can bring your car to the shop later, early or on the weekend when the shop is closed. Just fill out the form, drop your keys in the secure drop box and we’ll contact you first thing in the morning to review your needs.

Online Appointment Request Form

We’ve added a easy to use form here on our website to allow you to request an auto repair or maintenance appointment anytime. Use this form to tell us about your needs and a couple of convenient times for you. When we get it, we’ll contact you to confirm the time and details for the service. If your requested times are not available, we’ll also work with you to arrange another time that works for you. It’s easy!

Faster check in and out

If you’re used to the dealerships, you’re going to love our service. We have a streamlined system that allows us to get your car checked quickly without waiting in a long line. Then, when you’re here to pick it up, you can talk directly to people that know what was done on your car and check out quickly too. This saves you time in your busy world.

Preventing painful repair bills and inconvenience

All auto repair shops like big repair bills. But, because we like to treat you like our family, we would rather never give a big bill to you. Obviously, all major repairs cannot be prevented, but most can. That’s why we emphasize proper preventive maintenance on your vehicles. Prevention maintenance can be scheduled. It is much less than the repair it prevents. It also makes your car last longer. It often provides better gas mileage and a better ride. It also helps you get a higher resale value on the car. But most of all, it gives you greater peace of mind because you know the chances of an inconvenient and expensive breakdown on the side of the road is much less likely. We are your partners in prevention!

We treat you like we’d want to be treated!

If you’re used to the dealership or other auto repair shop that talks over your head or talks down to you, you’ll love our shop. Our people are respectful, helpful and truly here to serve your needs. We take the time to answer your questions and help you understand your car’s needs better. We don’t try to confuse you with industry jargon or try to make you think we’re better than you. We just provide honest, helpful answers and advice to care for your needs. We do get to know you and your vehicles so that we can help you properly. In the end, you’ll walk away from your experience with us feeling positive and happy with our service. Every year, the AAA collects online surverys from our actual customers so they can how well we cared for you. Over the last 5 years, we’ve ranked very good with a near perfect score of over 97%. That means a lot to us that our customers say we’re giving them great service.

Try us today, you’ll be glad you found us!